Spring Edition: 5,000 Shot Club


Let us improve your athlete’s shot this off-season with our exclusive 5,000 SHOT CLUB program for Grades 5th-11th ONLY!

What is the 5,000 SHOT CLUB? The 5,000 Shot Club is an exclusive program that works with athletes in 5th – 11th grade to get up thousands and thousands of shot attempts. Your player will develop a shooter’s mentality. Players will work to improve their shooting mechanics, accuracy, shot release, balance, power, and much more to make your athlete a go-to-shooter.  The key to shooting is consistency and repetition. Your athlete will be a part of an intense shooting club lead by our skilled shooting instructors to get up multiple shot attempts during the off-season.

What Do You Get?  The 5,000 SHOT CLUB is a 3 month program that meets 2 days per week on DAY and DAY from TIME to TIME. Each session players will track and calculate their shot to challenge them to reach their goal at each workout. Players will be pushed during the program and athletes who meet shooting milestones will receive exclusive 5,000 Shot Club T-Shirt and recognized on social media on our Leader Board.

How Much Does it Cost? This exclusive shooting program will sell out quickly so reserve your spot today by registering below. You have two payment options to register for the 5,000 SHOT CLUB: 1) Pay for program in full at $495 paid or 2) Pay $198 down now and then you will be charged $198 per month for April and May. We are only taking the first 20 athletes to enroll in the 5,000 SHOT CLUB, so hurry and reserve your shooter’s spot today. 

When Does It Start? The 5,000 SHOT CLUB starts March 1st through May 31st. The 5,000 SHOT CLUB is a great way for your athlete to build on their game by turning a weakness into a strength. The preparation for the 2019-2020 basketball season starts now! 

So, if you want to build your child to have the shooter’s mentality, register for our 5,000 Shot Club program today. Hurry and reserve your spot today because we are only taking the first 20 shooters! We have limited space for this exclusive club!

After you checkout with PayPal, you will receive an email confirmation that your order is complete and your athlete’s name will be added to the 5,000 Shot Club roster. Please have your shooter arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm up before the workout starts. So, grab your shooter’s spot now by clicking the Add to Cart button below. 👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇


🏀🏀🏀GREAT TEAMS are made from November to February but GREAT PLAYERS are made from March to November.🏀🏀🏀




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